How To Start

When you log into your Hadoop Cluster from your class environment use the "Big Data" labs folder.
Go to Applications/System Tools/Terminal menu to launch a terminal. In your home directory there is a folder named "bigdata labs", it contains all labs organized by class.
Each section is organized with a directory structure similar to the one pictured below :

Each class contains exercises with names starting with a_<name>, b_<name> and so on. This is the order in which the exercises should be executed.
Inside of each exercise you will find a file called "instructions.txt". This file contains a copy of the instructions for the exercise.
In some cases, where in order to execute the exercise we need to perform some initialization of the environment there will be a sub-folder with name "prepare". It includes the data and program needed to load the data into the cluster.
For each exercise there is a sub-folder named "solution" containing the program to solve the proposed problem. If you get stuck, don't hesitate in taking a peek into the solution. But it's important that  you type your own program and execute it yourself. This will help you to be more comfortable with the log messages generated by Hadoop.


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